Why finance with us

There are several compelling reasons why financing a used vehicle with Village Auto Group is a wise choice. Village Auto Group has established itself as a reputable and trusted dealership, offering numerous benefits to potential buyers. Here are some reasons why financing with Village Auto Group for a used vehicle is a great decision:

1. Extensive Selection of High-Quality Used Vehicles: Village Auto Group has a wide range of well-maintained used vehicles from various makes and models. Their inventory is carefully inspected, ensuring that customers have access to reliable and top-notch vehicles. This extensive selection allows buyers to find a vehicle that suits their preferences, needs, and budget.

2. Competitive Financing Options: Village Auto Group offers competitive financing options tailored to the needs of their customers. Whether you have excellent credit, a limited credit history, or have faced financial challenges in the past, their finance team works diligently to find suitable financing solutions for every buyer. This enables individuals from various financial backgrounds to secure financing for their used vehicle purchase.

3. Flexible Payment Plans: Financing a used vehicle with Village Auto Group allows you to choose from flexible payment plans. They understand that each buyer's financial situation is unique, and they strive to create payment plans that align with your budget. This flexibility ensures that you can comfortably manage your monthly payments without straining your finances.

4. Expert Assistance and Guidance: The team at Village Auto Group consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping customers throughout the financing process. They will guide you through the paperwork, explain the terms and conditions of your loan, and answer any questions you may have. Their expertise ensures a smooth and hassle-free financing experience.

5. Established Reputation and Trustworthiness: Village Auto Group has built a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service and reliable vehicles. With positive customer reviews and a history of satisfied buyers, they have gained the trust of their community. Financing a used vehicle with a reputable dealership like Village Auto Group gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are dealing with a trusted and reliable partner.

6. Additional Benefits: Financing through Village Auto Group may offer additional benefits such as extended warranties, vehicle service plans, or special promotions. These extra perks can enhance your ownership experience and provide added value to your used vehicle purchase.

In conclusion, financing a used vehicle with Village Auto Group is a smart decision due to their extensive selection of high-quality vehicles, competitive financing options, flexible payment plans, expert guidance, established reputation, and potential additional benefits. By choosing Village Auto Group, you can confidently navigate the financing process and drive away in a dependable used vehicle that meets your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're over the age of the 18, carry a valid Saskatchewan drivers license and make at least $1800 a month you qualify for auto financing!
Applying and getting approved for vehicle financing is fast and easy at Village Auto Group! Approval is three simple steps away: 1. Apply for financing. Our online contact form is quick, easy to fill out and completely secure. Once you've submitted the online form one of our friendly sales staff will contact you to discuss the details of your application. You're also welcome to CALL US and we can complete your application over the phone. Credit applications usually only take about 10 minutes to complete! 2. Choose your vehicle. Browse our inventory of quality used vehicles and pick the one that’s perfect for you. 3. Come for a visit. At your appointment, we’ll go over payment options and get you test driving your future vehicle! Not in Saskatoon? No problem! We can work with you over the phone to secure your financing and have your vehicle delivered to your door almost anywhere in the province.
Applying for financing is easy! Here’s what you’ll need: A recent paystub, ideally one that lists your year to date income Your valid driver’s license A void cheque or authorized withdrawal form stamped by your bank Proof of residency, such as a utility or phone bill that matches your address
We provide auto loans for people with all kinds of credit backgrounds, guaranteed. No Credit Bad Credit Credit Rebuilding Bankruptcy Students New Canadians Working on Commission Self-employed Repo
In short, an auto loan can be a big help in re-establishing your credit. Your Credit Bureau Report is a snapshot of your credit history, and is looked at by banks before they give out loans. If the activity on your credit report shows missed payments, defaulting on a loan, or a bankruptcy, big banks may become wary of lending. An auto loan makes a big impression on a credit report, so one of the best ways to overcome a bad credit history is by taking out an auto loan and paying it on time. Because of our strong partnerships with lenders, we can get you approved for an auto loan and give you the opportunity to re-establish your credit.

If you live in Saskatchewan and make $1,800/ month or more, we can offer you vehicle financing!

If you’re struggling with credit card payments or if you’re past due on any of your other loans, Village Auto Group can get you approved for vehicle financing. Even if you’ve been facing calls from collection agencies, we can help. We deal with every kind of credit situation and pride ourselves on having the expert knowledge required to get you approved and driving – no matter what.

Yes! One of the best ways to establish credit is with a car loan. Village Auto Group specializes in getting people approved for their first no-credit loan at the best rate possible.

A co-signor, or co-applicant, is someone who applies for a loan with you. Even though having a co-signor can help get you a better finance rate, they’re not usually required to get you approved for credit. In many cases the ideal candidate for co-signer is your married or common law partner as naturally they contribute to your total monthly household income.

You bet we will! It’s important to us that our customers get the best value for their trade. Whether it’s an older auto loan, current lease, or a vehicle you own outright, Village Auto Group will offer you top dollar for your trade. We have a team of expert auto appraisers ready to look at your vehicle, and our appraisal service is always free!

No! Every day, Village Auto Group helps its customers build or rebuild their credit by financing used vehicles with no money down. When you let us work for you to get financing, we work with our lending partners to get you a vehicle you can afford with no money down necessary. In some cases we will require trade equity, or a down payment if no trade equity is available, the average down payment for a Village Auto Group ranges from $500 up to $2000 depending on the customers individual cash-flow situation at time of purchase.

Yes! We work with our lending partners to offer open loans. You can pay out your used auto loan whenever you like with no fees or penalties.

Yes! If you’ve been paying an existing high-interest auto loan on time, Village Auto Group can often reduce your interest rate to make your vehicle more affordable. If you come back to Village Auto Group after fully repaying an auto loan, we can guarantee you an even better interest rate on your next purchase.

No problem! If you don’t live in Saskatoon and can’t get here to pick up your vehicle, get in touch with us. We’ll work out a way to bring you and your vehicle together!

If you’ve had an auto loan repossessed or even completely written off, we can help you. Village Auto Group can get you approved at a competitive rate even if you have a repo on your credit report.

Everyone's interest rate is going to be different. Interest rates are dependent on a number of factors including your credit history, the amount - if any - you put towards a downpayment, the value of your trade (if you have one), and the length of your borrowing term.